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IsoTalent is a technology-enabled recruiting service focused on servicing the executive, sales, marketing, services, and technical recruiting needs of technology and hyper-growth companies. IsoTalent charges an hourly rate for recruiting services instead of charging a percentage of the annual salary, enabling dramatic cost savings for businesses. Similar to an attorney, companies turn the IsoTalent recruiting service on and off as they need it, creating better alignment with the customer. Core to the IsoTalent recruiting process is the IsoConnect software platform which gives each stakeholder transparency into the process. The IsoTalent model improves candidate fit, reduces time to fill, and reduces the average recruiting cost per hire by over 75%.


Finally, the way recruiting should be!

Recruiters should NOT charge a commission of 15-30% base salary recruiting fee, so we don't. The IsoTalent model saves thousands of dollars for our clients. We can typically fill a role in 40-60 hours and an executive or leadership role in 100-150 hours. That's a 75% discount on average compared to the traditional recruiting fee with the same level of concierge serve as a traditional recruiter.

Come Find Your Next Opportunity

"Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies."

Finally, the way recruiting should be!

To redeem your offer please fill out the form so that a representative of IsoTalent can get in touch with you.

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