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Max Connect Marketing

Max Connect Marketing is a nationally recognized digital marketing agency that creates innovative marketing campaigns that drive real business outcomes for its clients. All campaigns are powered by Max Connect's proprietary attribution and audience platform, KUDOS. It identifies target audiences based on real-time in-market data, demographics, and psychographics. It then places hyper-targeted ads in front of those individuals with high frequency using a combination of digital channels. KUDOS can intelligently profile and surface insights around your ideal customer profile and the right channel mix based on real-time customer actions on your website. This helps our digital team and our clients know in real-time which creative ads and offers are driving business outcomes.


FREE Digital Audit & AirPod Pro Raffle

Max Connect will provide a robust digital audit and insights report across all paid digital channels, Google Analytics, CRO Analysis, and SEO. Get started by submitting your information here and you will automatically be entered into an AirPod Pro Raffle! Winners will be announced shortly after the Summit event.

Experience a new level of career growth and satisfaction

We are a top 1% digital agency in the United States and we help companies grow in meaningful ways. We are looking for the best of the best. Average performers need not apply. Max Connect Marketing, a Utah based digital marketing company, specializes in helping businesses grow through strategic digital marketing. With headquarters in Draper, Utah, Max Connect offers a great work-life balance for its employees, and we value human capital above all else. We offer above market pay, great benefits, generous time off, and more. Once you work at Max Connect, you won’t want to work anywhere else.

FREE Digital Audit & AirPod Pro Raffle

To redeem your offer please fill out the form so that a representative of Max Connect Marketing can get in touch with you.

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