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Nivati is a technology platform designed to make access to mental health solutions easier for employees. Nivati addresses mental health with a broad array of tools, including counseling, coaching, meditation, yoga, nutrition, massage, and finance. The solution comes complete with wellbeing data for employers to see progress within their company. For more information, visit


Learn how Nivati can Improve your Employees' Mental Health

Reach out to have a demo of the Nivati platform. Get access to mental health tools and exercises, and find an easy solution to booking 1on1 with counselors, coaches and gurus.

Jobs at Nivati

Dreaming of working at Nivati? Check back here for job postings in the future

Learn how Nivati can Improve your Employees' Mental Health

To redeem your offer please fill out the form so that a representative of Nivati can get in touch with you.

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